Video conferences

Modern solution for organizations that have a need for quality high-speed communications with its partners. Video conferences are carried out using the latest technology solutions with a perfect image and sound that give a feeling of real presence of all participants. Confidentiality of the meetings is guaranteed by encrypted connection with high reliability can be ensured and real-time translation.

The halls of videoconferencing centres can be configured differently depending on the objectives of events and number of participants. The CBC Live network enables video conferencing between users located in the centers in Ruse, Vratsa, Craiova and Calarasi and also in any of the thousands videoconference centres worldwide. Video conferences can also be carried out from distant places where no such centres with the help of the existing mobile video conferencing station.

Distance Training

Training is conducted in real time, but the lecturer and the students are in another center or centers of the CBC Live network or another network worldwide.

Iinteractive teaching methods that require active participation of all parties can be applied through the videoconferencing network. The network has the technical capacity to share presentations during distance training or conferences.

Live streaming over internet

It is an excellent opportunity for institutions to reach a large or specific audience, who cannot attend the event organized by them - broadcast live on the Internet (live streaming).

Each viewer can follow the event on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone from a convenient place. Moreover, the large number of viewers does not affect the quality of the video image. CBC Live network offers different options to limit or expand public access to broadcasting of an event that can change according to the intentions of the organizers.